• Baldface Ultranatural

Baldface - UltraNatural - we sent our snowboarders on quite the trip, here's the story.

"Ultra Natural, such an amazing trip. My second year and such an honor to be a part of something that we "backcountry, freestyle, riders" dream of. Riding pow and catching air with your friends, the contest was just one part of an unbelievable trip, riding with friends and legends such as Andy Hetzel, Temple, Peter Line, Tom Burt and Jamie Lynn. Powder heaven!" -Eero Niemela

"I got into the event last minute as Kazu was injured; seems to be routine with me at events that Travis puts out. I slipped into Natural Selection as an alternate for Guch (Bryan Iguchi). Tripped out as i got the invite and was so stoked to head to Baldface. The location and course in itself was so rad. The best part of the entire trip is that you get to hang at this amazing place with all the best riders in the world, shredding pow all day. I was in a crew with Peter, Jamie, Temple, Hetzel and Burt. It can't get any better then that!" -Wolle Nyvelt

Baldface - Ultranatural


Merrill Superman

Bode's version of #flipitgood!

Merrill's air grab

Bode gettun it

Bode's Plan

Bode gettun beta


Transceiver check




Wolle & the log saw.

Throw's game


Woll's Plan

Wolle sharing beta with Eero.

Air Grab Niemela

split view

B&W Wood

Billabong's jacket

All time to nap time.

Woll's Jump 1

Woll's Jump 2

Wolle in pow heaven.

Sun light

"Option to pay to leave early... no brainer no way!" - Wolle

School's photo

The Ultra Bad Ass Crew - Baldface Ultranatural!