• 2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 1 Update

2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 1 Update

The 2018 Bloodlines camps are underway on the North Shore. Week 1 saw the under-16 Bloodlines crew including a Floridian, Tommy Coleman, a Californian, Liam Murray, 2 Aussies in Ethan Stocks and Dakoda Walters, 2 Brazilians in Eduardo Motta and Lucas Vicente, a Balinisian Brazilian in Kian Martin, and 1 Japanese in Jin Suzuki.

Everyone showed up to the North Shore in the afternoon with solid 6-8 foot Pipe and paddled straight out to get a couple waves right before dark. Tommy opened up the camp with a sick 5-footer at Pipe to set the bar for the rest of the week. The next day we woke up to more solid swell and the boys charged all day. The boys have been charging out front at Off-the-Wall and Pipe and got a session in at Haliewa and one session in a little out-of-the-way spot that they got all to themselves.

Highlights of the trip so far include:

  • Lots of ripping, barrels and airs.
  • Multiple broken boards.
  • Liam Murray getting dragged over the rock out front.
  • Eduardo's Kerrupt flip.
  • Watching the Olympics and Shaun White winning his third gold medal.
  • Nightly forecasting for the waves for the next day.
  • Almost leaving Eduardo at Foodland during a record-setting ice cream and candy run.
  • Kian Martin leading the Tinder match competition with Lucas Vicente in a very upset second.
  • Ethan struggling to talk to a new lady friend.
  • The crew discovering Pusha T and listening to it on repeat.
  • Jin learning English (which consisted of “OK” and “Yes”)
  • The boys learning way too much questionable language in Japanese and Portuguese.
  • Dakoda showing up a couple days into the camp with a brand-new black hairdo.

We’re just getting started over here. Check back for our end of the trip wrap up and to see if Lucas can take the lead in the Tinder match competition.