You could fly a kite in them. Or binge-watch a few seasons of your favorite show on Netflix in them. But c’mon, Billabong’s submersible shorts were made for more than that. In fact, they’re made for any fun in or out of the water and scenarios beyond. Here’s eight scenes where submersibles fit in just fine…

1. Go to the Beach

I mean…it’s what they’re made for. As in, sand, saltwater, shorebreak or bonfire smoke won’t break them. They’re made for action of any kind near the shoreline and beyond (either direction). Like, you see that solo babe, sunning over there, all alone, probably bored? You WILL outrun your friend that sees here as well, due to submersibles’ superior stretch and hybrid capabilities. It’s just science.

2. Walk the Dog

Walking your dog in jeans is fine and all…but dogs are also dogs (i.e. often wet and dirty), so that’s on you if you want to ruin your new denim. But walking Baxter in submersibles? Submersibles don’t give a flying s--t if Bax wants to chase a crab into the shorebreak, then dart back to you and shake the water off on your shorts. Water basically rolls right off of them.

3. Go for a Hike

Let’s face it: You’re probably on a hike with a girl. They love that stuff. But you’d like to trek in something that’s a touch classier than your old boardshorts, yet with all the water repelling qualities of those old boardies. The submersibles got you on that…and will probably give you style points with your hiking partner.

4. Skate

They’re flexible as you know what and don’t retain a bunch of sweat. Plus they’re durable and light…yeah, you’ll want those on all day at the park or backyard mini-ramp. Or down the trail to Lowers or wherever you’re kick-pushing your way to the beach to.

5. Train

You’re not a fitness freak or anything, you just want to have an edge on the competition. Submersibles are perfect for working out in, whatever that workout might be from lifting to running to pushups to situps…they handle. You could even have a roll on the mat in them if you’re into jiujitsu.

6. Balloon Fight

There’s nothing more fun than a good ‘ole fashion ‘loon fight in an inappropriate place. Like at your sister’s birthday, or cousin’s graduation party. Balloon fights bring that x-factor no one even saw coming. And in Bong submersibles? Those grenades will just bounce right off ya.

7. Go to School

Submersibles are totally tough and water-friendly enough for aquatic activities…they’re also hip and sophisticated enough for the classroom and schoolyard. A dapper button-down goes good over them too.

8. Hit the Water

You ever drive an hour to the beach and forget your boardies and end up jumping in the water in your heavy-ass walkshorts, or worse yet, boxer briefs? Yeah, sucks doesn’t it? But say you had on submersibles and made that same mistake…well, kinda wouldn’t matter. ‘Cause as stretchy and water-friendly as submersibles are - you definitely could just swim in those and save yourself a lot of embarrassment.