• 8th Annual Still Frothy in Pismo Beach

As social media was blowing up all week over the worlds best going richtor at Kelly Slater’s Wave Ranch, we knew expectations were gonna be high for this year’s the 2017 Still Frothy Surf Festival. While they have found a way to produce man made waves we knew our only options were to produce speed for our surfers at the Still Frothy Surf Farm either by whipping them in at high speeds behind a jet ski or firing them up 100% pure stoke and frothy mojo. And fortunately for us, it worked!!! Saturday, at the Farm kicked off with solid chest high waves and brisk cool air as Fall may finally be here. To celebrate the beginning of fall, we kicked it off running prelimary rounds of the grom, girls, boys and junior heats. Then we fired up the old PWC and started whipping some seriously talented high flying rippers in the tow-at air team challenge. The earlier surfers didn’t have serious onshore chop to deal with so it made it interesting. After some surfers were humbled with some punishing wipe outs it was Austin Neumann & Vinny Leonelli pairing up to show the rest that going big and sticking it would land them some serious coin.

The remainder of the afternoon was focused on the Non-profit Team Challenge, which saw groms getting to surf side by side with some of their favorite pro surfers and get a shot at winning a Catchsurf Beater board. While many of the pros were doing some amazing stuff on their Beaters in the end it was Noah Wegrich and his team of local legend Mike Schwartz with groms Jack Canigiula & Jak Zietz taking the win and earning $1,500 for the non-profit The Young & Brave.

On Sunday the swell dropped off a bit for the pro-am and kids finals, but man the action did not cease! There was amazing talent from all over California and even a few international rippers like Guam’s Jared Gogue and Brazilians Davi Toledo & Namor Cayres. In the 10 & under division Jayce Headland who started the weekend on the alternate list and who was entered by his frothing grandmother (no joke), who emailed us hoping he could get a slot, blew through the field to take home a win. In the Boys division it was a mixture of a family affair and Ventura vs Santa Barbara. These young men not only were ripping here but also surfed in the pro-am making multiple rounds!!! But in the end there could only be one winner and that was SB’s Hamilton Jacobs. The Girls division was graceful and entertaining as always with Sydney Beckett daughter of amazing Paso Robles Vinter Josh Beckett, taking the win. The Juniors set the bar for what the rest of the day would see. Tommy McKeown some how surfed in the RVCA pro-junior at Newport Beach on Friday and made it to the quarters that day. He then jammed up to Pismo and made the finals in our event Saturday. He then drove all the back to Newport Saturday night to finish 3rd there. Then hightailed it back to Pismo take home a win in Juniors. What a freaking legend and true pro surfer!!! The pro-am was the last final of the day battling through some pretty strong side shore winds and serious glare Santa Barbara’s Sam Reichel smoothly and metaicoulsy sliced his way on multiple lefts to take bragging rights home with him!

Quote: Visiting Ripper From San Clemente Brazilian Namor Cayres : “The event was awesome! Good people, good vibes and good surfers.”



1. Sam Reichel - $3,000

2. Quinten Rubalcava - $1,500

3. Micky Clarke - $500

4. Jeremy Ryan - $250

Tow-At Air Show

1. Austin Neumann & Vinny Leonelli - $2,000 ($1,000 each)

2. Braden Jones & Micky Clarke - $500 ($250 each)

Best Individual Performance – Noah Wegrich

Jr. Final

1. Tommy McKeown - $1,000

2. AJ Menna - $500

3. Eithan Osborne

4. Zane Booth

5. Mario Diaz

6. Myles Freeh


1. Hamilton Jacobs - $500

2. Pitas Higgens

3. Jak Ziets

4. Marley Sapp

5. Curtis Jacobs

6. Liam Osborne

Groms (10 & Under)

1. Jayce Headland - $100

2. Kash Ritchie

3. Reese Kelly

4. Ryder Eldridge

5. Makena Ermocida

6. Ava Beckett

Girls (11-17)

1. Sydney Beckett - $100

2. Emma Higgins

3. Amelia Ermocida

4. Makena Ermocida

5. Caiya Mcallister

6. Ashley Monterio

Non-Profit Team Challenge

Team Young & Brave ($1,500) – Noah Wegrich, Mike Schwartz, Jak Zietz, and Jack Canigiula.

Mike, Jak and Ottis both also each received a Catch Surf Beater.

$500 each to Feline Network of the Central Coast, Team Mateo, Waves of Impact, Amp Surf and Soul Profit

In addition to the contest winnings, Still Frothy doled out the following frothyness:

  • 1.$5,000 from the Still Frothy college scholarship funds to Eithan Marquis, Eric Knowles, Jonah Pierce, Joel Bishop, Cassidy Pierce, Vinny Leonelli, Cole Woodland, Taylor Freeh, Riley Cabanero and Tyler Hopp
  • 2.$500 from the Still Frothy Surf Competition aid to winners of pro-am Sam Reichel and juniors Tommy McKeown by entering each of them into the upcoming WSL Pismo Beach Open.
  • 3.Channel Islands surfboards for the following frothers in the name of late local legend, Robbie Artiaga: Elias Kohler & Beckett Kohler
  • 4.Billabong wetsuits for the following frothers in the name of late local legend, Robbie Artiaga: Chris Kohler, Beckett Kohler and Elias Kohler
  • 5.Billabong wetsuits to Jim Leonard, Brady Leonard, Tommy Wooley and Rodney Way for finishing in the top 4 in the Artiaga Team Memorial Challenge.
  • 6.$500 each to Megan George for the Frothiest Human award.
  • 7.$350 to both the Oceano Junior Guards & Pismo Beach Junior Guards for a JG scholarship.