• Air Tahiti Nui Billabong Pro Trials 2014, pics and recap

The legendary reef pass of Teahupoo came to life as a south west swell hit Tahiti on Saturday the 9th of August, with 6 to 8 foot grinding barrels at Chopes.

A great day of surf dominated by Tahitians surfers. Tahitian surfer Tuamata Puhetini took all the risk to win the trials against pro surfer Nathan Hedge. Nathan Hedge comes every year in Tahiti to surf the beast and stays with the same family always.

Kevin Bourez, the younger brother of ASP World Tour No5 Michel Bourez left the contest in a ambulance as he hit the reef head first during his heat and unfortunately suffered multiple jaw fractures and serious lacerations on his face. During the awards ceremony all the words from the Tuamata Puhetini were for Kevin Bourez, wishing him a quick recovery.

Tuamata Puhetini is no stranger at the Air Tahiti Nui trials as he won it already in 2010. Talented rider and confortable at Teahupoo, he will go on to the main event against the best surfers in the world within a few days. He will have all the Tahitian people to support him in the pass for sure, Tahitian pride. See you all in a few days for the Billabong Pro Tahiti!

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