• Billabong x Laurent Pujol Photoprint Tees

Billabong x Laurent Pujol Photoprint Tees

This year Billabong worked in collaboration with French photographer Laurent Pujol to produce 3 mind-blowing photoprint t-shirts. Each T-Shirt named Inside Tee features one of Laurent's unique photo with team rider Shane Dorian, Benjamin "Sancho" Sanchis and Justine Dupont. Laurent has been shooting the riders from behind in the barrel, following them deeper in the barrel and shooting while getting pitted. The result is insane and the photos speak for themselves.

How Laurent Pujol achieved the Shane Dorian shot...

Laurent Pujol: "Shane being Shane, he just wanted the biggest ones. I was waiting with him, thinking that, well, maybe the mid-sized ones, which were still a solid eight foot, were probably the best, but Shane wanted the bombs. He's super patient and then when the right one comes, he's like, boom, there is never any hesitation just 100 per cent commitment. So I had no choice but to just follow him, literally in this case. We had a few hook ups, on one I ate it at the bottom of the wave and ended up diving off still holding on to the camera trying to get the shot. With this photo though I had enough time to drive off the bottom and sneak in behind him. Even still with these I'd say it's 95 per cent about the photo and 5 per cent about my surfing. So I'm standing in a massive Hossegor tube, with Shane Dorian. It was surreal in a way, but probably the high point in my photography career. I was just so stoked the image came out and helped show what an incredible surfer he is".

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How Laurent Pujol achieved the Justine Dupont shot...

Justine: "It was the day of the competition, so there was loads of freesurfers around, so I knew when Laurent asked me to try and get a few that it was an amazing opportunity. I feel I have put my time out there in conditions like that at La Graviere and so was comfortable in choosing the right wave to score a good tube. But there is a difference when you have a surfer behind you surfing and taking photos. Laurent told me the most important technique was not to drag your hand along the face, as that creates spray. That's what I usually do, so there's a lot more to think about. In the end we had some amazing hook ups, and the photos are my favourites. Nothing shows better what it feels like to be a surfer, in the barrel, than this image. It's unique."

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How Laurent Pujol achieved the Benjamin 'Sancho' Sanchis shot...

Laurent: "I always had Sancho in mind as my guinea pig when I was thinking about trying to do the follow ups. I had seen a GoPro footage of a surfer in front and that had me thinking that maybe there was a better way to do it. A way to get a true surfer's perspective and I trusted Sancho. That's pretty key with this style of photography. The surfer can't bail out suddenly, they have to be super aware of where their board is and their body positioning. In the end though it just came down to Sancho doing what he does best, pulling into big tubes. Through practice, and after plenty of beatings, we managed to score shots like this. It's a great feeling to come up with a new idea, follow it through and see the results. I just hope they make people want to surf, that's the goal."

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