• Desillusion Magazine Giveaway Featuring Shane Dorian

To celebrate the collaboration between Desillusion and Billabong on their Adventure Division trip to Ireland we are giving away 3 Desillusion Magazine Safer Volume II books.

The Adventure Division concept was born from the idea that life is a continuous quest for waves and adventure and just as important as your destination is the path to get there. The A/DIV Collection was created so you could endure when conditions demand that you step up your game. The Emerald Isle was the perfect testing ground, magical, wild and with a timeless feel to it and Desillusion was there to capture it all.

Desillusion is a magazine revolving around surfing culture, it provides a rather particular view on the sport and also an incredible varied layout of images.

Shane Dorian was part of the Adventure Division crew that flew over to Ireland. The best big wave surfer in the world has been a frequent visitor to Europe, first whilst surfing on the professional tour and now chasing huge swells every Atlantic winter. We caught up with the Hawaiian to talk about the kit that is working for him and to describe some of his more memorable European sessions.

Above: Benjamin Sanchis and Shane Dorian all geared up on the A/DIV apparel range.

Can you describe the best surf or day you’ve ever had in Europe?

Oh man, that’s difficult. I know my best ever wave, that’s for sure. It was Aileens in Ireland at the start of 2015. I was traveling with Sancho and we just had this amazing trip and at one session I caught this huge, green barrel at the Aileens. It was definitely the best wave I’ve had in these waters.

What’s the first thing you pack when you head over here?

I bring food. Now I love the food in Europe, I was just in Barcelona and it was probably some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, but I like to bring some nuts and breakfast food, just in case I can’t survive on bread and coffee.

What would be your perfect day here in Europe?

Well, there’d be swell. Six-to-eight feet with offshore winds of course. There’d be big peaks breaking on the sand just right and big thick paddle barrels. That would do me.

What bit of kit has been helping you out?

The new Billabong backpacks are incredible. I’ve been using the Command and the Combat, and all the Adventure Division packs, depending on where I’m headed. They are perfect for traveling, well for me anyway. All of my electronic gear, computers, cameras, hard drives and all my music speakers, all the shit I love to travel with, it all just fits in perfectly. I love to travel, but they make traveling so much easier and more enjoyable.