• Joel Parkison cruising through Europe

Joel Parkison cruising through Europe

The Hawaiian season is about to kick off with the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing starting Nov 12th in Haleiwa.
Joel “Parko” Parkinson has won 3 consecutive Vans Triple Crown of Surfing titles. His 2009 victory will be remembered as of one of the heaviest ASP World Championship duels. Although he narrowly lost the world title to Mick Fanning at the Billabong Pipe Masters, Parkinson was
still able to win the Triple Crown title.

The only other surfer that has achieved 3 consecutive Triple Crowns is 6X VTC Winner Sunny Garcia.

The 2012 World Champion is known as one of the smoothest surfers on the planet. Parko has been coming to Europe for over 15 years and we caught up with him to talk about some of his best Atlantic memories and his future plans.

Above: Parko at the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal / Photo: WSL

What has been your best ever day in the Atlantic?

I’ll never forget the day that Bruce and Andy Irons made the final when the surf was huge back in 2004. I hopped on the ski that morning with Gary Elkerton and surfed the best 15-foot tow in waves of my life. I scored a double barrel on one that was easily one of the best waves I have ever had.

Describe your perfect day in France.

It would be six-to-eight feet coming out of shallow into deep water with wedging right and lefts. There’d be sunny skies and just me and a few mates out. We’d have an amazing lunch then surf till sunset. How’s that sound?

Above: Parko enjoying Peniche / Photo: ASP

What’s the first thing you pack when you to come to Europe?

You need layers over here. It can be freezing in the morning, scorching in the day and then really brisk at night. So tees, a flannel, and I’ve been living in the Fjord jacket for those super chilly mornings. You need ‘em all. Also you do a bit of driving over here, so I always make sure I’m loaded up on with new music so that I’m primed for the long drives down to Spain or Portugal.

Complete this sentence. In the next two weeks...

I am going to stand in a barrel, eat the most amazing food, hang out with a load of friends and, love being in and around the Atlantic Ocean.

And in the next two years?

I’m going to be training hard and trying to win another world title. I’ve a few good years left on tour and I don’t want to retire wondering what if. I’m psyched.

Best of luck champ!