S U M M E R is calling our name...

We live for the sun, salt and spirit of summer. Counting down the days to summer never gets old - we can taste the salt water on our lips, the sun on our skin, the sand on our toes, the sea breeze whipping through our hair and the water warmly welcoming us in. As the weather slowly creeps up to warmer temperatures, summer lust has the potential to reach maximum levels; a taste of the heat is really all it takes to want more. When summer comes upon us, we wish we could hit the pause button and make it last all year round. Simply put, there is something magical about Summer - it's a season that ignites beauty you can see, smell, hear, taste and feel.

So set sail with us to saltier seas and dig your toes into the white sandy beaches of the Maldives. Against the backdrop of picture perfect coral islands and crystal clear ocean that seems to stretch on forever, the Maldives encompassed everything we daydreamed about Summer. Endless white sand beaches with palm trees, lagoons and a stunning clear turquoise blue sea that you wonder whether that can be real. The word paradise appears to have been invented here.

Salty hair and tan lines are your passport stamps from a land where impossibly vibrant turquoise water meets the whitest of sand. When the temperature goes up and the Indian sun is reflecting off the white sand beaches, the layers fall away until all that’s left is your bikini—and that’s just the way you like it. When it comes time to stay dry or dive in, you’re always ready to jump feet first with a suit that embodies your salty spirit. This is a Bikini Kinda Summer Life and your swimwear is your unspoken uniform, a colorful expression of what it means to seek adventure and ride new waves. Whether you wear it mixed or matched, in one piece or two, layered under your outfit or styled alone, face the sun this season and embrace your style. So be a little cheeky, be a little free, and get ready to earn your tan lines and embrace summer in full.