Ai lyndie

One of Andy Irons best qualities was his relationship with his fans, friends and family. Couldn't be more evident than on Instagram today, below is just the beginning of the posts - we will put up more later today. #AIForever


"Life works in mysterious and funny ways. At the contest today, a girl walked up and gave me a painting of #AndyIrons. I didn’t realize it was his birthday. #HappyBirthday to a legend beyone legends, gone too soon. This guy kicked me in the head (literally) and made fun of me losing my hair and talked more shit to me than any person I;ve ever known but that’s what brothers (even from other mothers) are for. You’re in our thoughts today. @lyndie irons @bruce1irons #PoorOutALittleLiquor #AIForever" - @kellyslater


"God put breath into a special set of lungs 35 years ago. Happy birthday Andy #AIForever" - @stirlinghowland


lyndie irons

"Happy birthday to the most amazing man that I have ever known. The love of my life, my best friend and the father of my son would have been 35 today. Missing him so incredibly bad. Forever in my hear t and soul, you will be my sweet Andy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Reposted this pic cause this was taken on one of his birthdays at the US open and he bought me all these roses. I’m actually going to this bar tonight to celebrate… #love" - @lyndieirons



"Happy b day to you brother … #AiForever never forget this camping trip in WA with @lukeegan @markocchilupo @tedgrambeau" -@joelparko


"Happy birthday Andy Irons! One of the greatest champions of all time. Your legacy will stand strong and live on for future generations. #aiforever #nssachampions #keepingthedreamalive" - @nssasurf


Kalada Captain

"Happy Birthday brother! I miss you every second of every day. #AIforever #longlivetheking" - @kaladacaptain


"Happy Birthday Andy Irons. One of the last photos ever shot of one of the greatest surfers of all time by @tsherms #AIForever" - @surfingmagazine


"Happy Birthday Andy Irons! Gone but not forgotten... Photo by @brianbielmann" - @transworld_surf


"Happy Birthday Champ! #AIFOREVER" - @swelldotcom


"Happy Birthday my Leo brother Andy Irons. You were the most inspiring human being I ever met and I am so grateful that I had you in my life. I miss you so much. emojiemojiemoji #AIforever #longlivetheking @billabong @billabongwomens @lilistbarthstyle @kaalaclarke @kaladacaptain @kamaleialexander @bruceirons" - @kealakenelly


"Today we remember & celebrate the Birthday of our Best Friend. The Braddah we surfed with, partied with & lived life with. Not a second goes by that we don't think of your amazing heart & spirit. You & Lyndie were the Perfect example of what True Love was meant to be. It was your true love that brought your amazing son Axel into this world. Watching Axel grow up is an amazing gift you left us. He is definitely 1000% you. We Love & miss you Andy. Happy Birthday. Da Hui Crew Mahalo ke Akua #ai #aiday #aiforever #andyirons #irons #axelirons #happybirthday #kauai #hawaii #hilife #goodlookinghumans #love #surf #summer #sunset #yoga #fashion #model #boss #bikini #billabong #picoftheday #photooftheday #gopro #instagood #legend #food #dahui" - @dahuinorthshore


"Happy birthday mate. Always missed and never ever forgotten #aiforever" - @wesberg