• BILLABONG AIR & STYLE 2011: A steep inrun slope + a huge big air + the best backdrop

First of all, don’t forget that the Bergisel Stadium is originally an Olympic Ski Jump site, providing a long steep inrun slope starting 50 m over level zero and dominating the whole valley of Innsbruck.


At the end of it , a massive kicker leading  to a 8 meters gap is awaiting the riders at full speed. After a 17 meters drop, the landing zone is facing the huge roaring crowd in front of a breathtaking backdrop.



Total length: about 150m, Start height: 50 m above. Length inrun: 75m, Gap: about 8m, Width jump: about 30m, Drop height: 17m, Landing height: 15m, Width inrun: 8m, Width landing: 20m, Slope inrun: 42°, Time of assembly: 10 days