• And the winners are?

thanks to everyone that left a comment i had alot of fun reading what you all had to say and i wish i could give everyone a pair of fins but i might get into alot of trouble.
and from all the comments left i think it is fairly even on which pair of fins i should use so thats what i am going to do mix it up more.
enjoy the fins jake and joel you will have them soon.

Joel said (24 days ago)
you wore black and orange ones when you were night surfing on tensions 10??
i rekon black and orange are the go.
and then give me your blue and yellow ones. then because i helped your career blossom by driving you towards black and orange, you should feel you owe a debt to me and give me a new board, wetty and leash. and while your at it throw me your house car and gf as well.

Jake said (26 days ago)
apparently in the 17th century the native indians of quebec used to duct-tape saucepans to their feet to use as fins when they surfed their local point breaks and outer bombies. so this could be an option if you're looking for something different in a fin but still keeping with that historical vibe.

but then again your traditional fins are symbolic and you're comfortable with them.

i'm gonna go with the blue and yellow over saucepan feet, but only just.