What a better way to start the winter then going for a quick surf? A last glimpse of sun and beach as well as some hard paddling to get in shape right before entering the winter and going back to the mountains. Being invited to the Swatch Girls Pro China was the perfect opportunity, not only I had never been in China, but I had no clue you could surf there and I had never tried long boarding before!

We stayed in a beautiful hotel right on the beach with private swimming pool in our room! I went surfing every afternoon, went to the market where we found as many intriguing as disgusting parts of animals and fish as would not have been able to imagine. We also all took a chairlift to tour a temple. The temple was nice and cool and everywhere else was hot and sticky with huge round rocks and big statues of budha everywhere. Then we took a gondola to watch monkeys bike on mini BMX, or on goats and sometimes stealing your bags and scaring you!!

A few photos from Billabong snowboarder Anne-Flore.

Anne-Flore/ China

A night out