• Apres-ski with the Aesthetiker crew

Febuary went by so quickly this year again.. On my way to Ispo, I stopped in Arlberg to shred with Rudy Kroll for a day. It had just snowed but the conditions were quite sketchy and we decided not to go too far out of the slopes. We spent the day doing fun lines and powslash. Pretty fun mellow day until my car broke down on the parking lot in Zurs..
Then Munich for Ispo super busy between meetings, long time no see people, and the parties!! Thanks to DJ Loli for the insane beat! After 3 days of madness I was stoked to make my way back into the mountains. I joined the Aesthetikers in Zillerthal to film with Mone Monsberger, Beckna, Chris und Rudy Kroll, Steve Gruber and the whole crew.
I arrived with the cold temperatures 10 days of –15!! Brrr.. too cold for my taste! The adventage is that the snow stays good when it’s cold but then again, building kickers with sugar isn’t so easy!
The first day we got to shred sick pow runs in the trees, snow was great in the forest but the wind had blown too strong higher up and the amount of snow was too small anywhere lower. The next few days we discovered a small zone with landings everywhere. And we went there again everyday to build another kicker. Even though a good part of them didn’t work out so good because the snow was too soft and sugary. We got a few sketchy hits as soon as we pushed a bit too hard on our edges..
This kind of protected zone don’t come for free.. we had a good 40 minutes hike out waist deep before reaching the ridge and dropping back into the slopes, luckily it was often at the end of afternoon when the light transforms the landscape.. And the best part of the day was yet to come! The best in shredding in Austria is all about the Apres Ski: where everyone dances and drinks on the bar with their ski boots!
Another day we found a pretty fun step down, but by the time we needed to build it, the wind had picked up strong enough to be quite dangerous.. no one really wanted to try it out with the risk to end up thrown sideways by the wind. We Roshambowed for it and of course I lost. Luckily it went all good and the wind stopped soon after that. The snow pack was again not super safe.. I touched the bottom several times.
The wind had transformed quite a few areas on the mountain and it became more and more difficult to find good snow, so we went back to our kickerland area. Where we had found another spot to build. But then again the snow was super sugary, it took us a whole day to shape it and still the kicker was way too soft to hit it. We needed to let it sit for a night.. a night which turned into 3 days because of weather troubles. Then we hit it, but we couldn’t get the right speed for it.. the list of unsuccessful kickers keeps on growing this winter.. Not so easy to deal with mentally.. I m really looking forward to hitting a fun jump one of these days.. luckily the Aesthetiker crew are super fun to shred and hang with! The weather forecast is predicting snow for this week.. fingers crossed


Yeah girls!