• 5 Questions with Rad Dan

5 Questions with Rad Dan

5 Questions with Billabong Gallery artist Rad Dan

Rad Dan is an Aussie mad genius of art with a one of a kind ability for creating eye-catching pieces. His work is satirical in nature with comic book and cartoon character influence. Dan is always weaving in an ironic message or clever saying that will not only make you laugh but make you think deeper. Rad Dan's artwork will always leave you smiling and we're proud to have him as part of our next round of Billabong Gallery Collection artists. We asked him 5 Questions to get his take on his work with us.

1. What was the inspiration for this collection with Billabong?

Slander comments to sub-groups and cultures with home-style treatments.

2. How did you partnership with Billabong come about?

Through friends and the Billabong surf team. Great group of people in there.

Billabong Gallery Collection Rad Dan Lo Tides Boardshorts

3. What’s your favorite piece from your collection?

WAX HEAD for sure!

4. How would you describe your art?

A perplex Fortune cookie? You basically get something on how I’m feeling and what I’m inspired by at the time, which changes rapidly. That can at times be confusing. You may get a painting today then a sculpture made from wet bike tubes tomorrow.

Billabong Gallery Collection Rad Dan Tube Slob Tee

5. What’s inspiring you at the moment?

I always been a big into the Australian and New Zealand 80’s indie scene. It as first looks contrived and sold out… but the more I delve into it, the more genuine and interesting this scene becomes. I just like the idea that it all grew and evolved before the Internet and mobile phones and the idea that “you had to really be creative to get a message and vision out.”

Billabong Gallery Collection Rad Dan Collection