• Atoll Odyssey - Hawaii: Part One

Deserted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, detached from the mainland, Hawaii is a warm arrival that feels much more like a homecoming. A piece of paradise our souls have longed to encounter - the warmth of the Hawaiian sun on our skin, the sea salt kissing our eyelashes, the perpetutal sand tucked in between our toes. It's more than the waves and the sun, it's the exploration in nature, a discovery of our soul's deepest desires. As our boards sink into the blue water and the waves crash against our skin, we feel drenched in freedom. Weightless. Water so constant, we couldn't escape if we tried. The tropical, wet humidity covering us like a blanket and the soft, blue sky grazing the horizon for as long as we could see, reminding us of how deeply connected we are.

Atoll Odyssey - Laura Enever, Courtney Conlogue, Felicity Palmateer & Alessa Quizon Discovering Hawaii