• Atoll Odyssey - Hawaii: Part Two

Eleven surfer gals, six different countries, thousands of miles in travel, two legendary breaks and one tropical destination awaiting their arrival. With nothing but bikinis and wetsuits from our Surf Capsule Collection and their boards, the Billabong Women riders set out for a day submersed in water. With an appetite for swell and Hawaiian waves at their peak, they ventured to the world class breaks of Rocky Point and Chuns Reef. Ready for every duck dive and log ride you have in mind. Glimpses of sand patches and rolling waves peak through the tall palm trees teasing the surfers as they arrive at the long-awaited famous surf breaks. A palette of sandy whites and hues of blue lure us in. The nose of our boards duck in; we are quickly warmed by the Hawaiian sun and waves kissing our skin. We open our eyes to see a world undiscovered – full of life and carefree.

Atoll Odyssey - Laura Enever, Courtney Conlogue, Felicity Palmateer, Alessa Quizon, Josie Prendergast, Lindsay Perry, Lauren Hill, Teresa Bonvalot, Luana Silva, Pacha Light & Tanika Hoffman Discovering Hawaii