• Beachcombing with Becca

Beachcombing with Becca

Born and bred by the beach, Becca is no stranger to the ways of the water. Growing up in California, while living in Long Beach, Becca would spend mornings cleaning up beaches and beachcombing for out-of-ordinary treasures left behind by beach goers around the globe that would shore up on California sands.

As a graphic designer by trade and owner of Orange Paper Shoppe, Becca has since transported herself to the beach town of Biarritz, France where her and her husband have resided for the past couple of years and ‘picked up’ right where she left off…

With the beach in her backyard and plenty of baguettes, Becca has made beautiful Biarritz her home away from home, and luckily continued to explore her beachcombing talents that don’t solely reside in the treasures naturally produced by Mother Earth.

In fact, Becca’s New Year’s Resolution was to do a beach cleanup once a week, instead of only leaving the beach with her ‘treasures’.

Her treasure trove of discoveries include endless shades of sea glass, porcelain chips, legos (she’s yet to find her coveted- a black lego octopus), a plastic turtle and countless other gems that often begin as piles of trash and transform into ‘things’ organized so neatly, it’s hard to imagine they’ve been polluting coastlines and our ocean.

Recently, Becca has done more and more research about micro plastics and how their effect on the environment. Often they are much worse than larger pieces, because these miniature plastic beads called mermaid’s tears (also known as nurdles) are mistaken as food by fish.

Her endless pursuit for beauty is what inspires us as we celebrate Earth Day. There is so much beauty in this world and on our beaches, and as Becca puts it, ‘Every little bit counts’. So next time your at the beach, remember that every micro plastic is a step towards making our beaches and this Earth a better place.

Be apart of the change and show us your trash, turned treasure #BillabongBeachcomb