• Beach Tent DIY

Beach Tent DIY

We do love the beach, but sometimes the average beach umbrella can be a bit borring. This easy tent tutorial will show you how to make your own little beach boho shelter within a minute and upgrade your casual day at the beach to the next level!

What you need :

3 big sticks (make sure they roughly have the same lengh)


A large piece of thin fabric


  • Cut a long piece of cord.
  • Arrange the sticks all together in a teepee shape, crossing them at the top and leaving some space to make the entrance at the front.
  • Make sure to pitch the sticks well into the sand so your tent won’t fell apart.
  • Once you’re done wrap tight with your cord, make a double knot to secure well.
  • Arrange the piece of fabric around your sticks, leaving an entrance at the front. The fabric should hold or catch on the many lumps of the sticks. However if the sticks are too smooth you can make some tiny holes into the fabric and pass some cord through and tie it around the sticks.
  • Make a garland of fresh flowers, leaves or seashells to decorate the entrance and you’re done!

DIY by Wild West Agency