• ​Behind the Scenes of the Warhol x Basquiat x Billabong LAB Photoshoot

When choosing the best location to shoot stills and film for the Warhol x Basquiat x Billabong LAB Collection, one location stood out above the rest - Venice Beach.

It’s a place where Jean-Michel Basquiat once had a studio. It’s a place that captures the collision of mixed cultures and mindsets. It’s a place that embodies city meeting surf. It’s a weird wonderland of personalities, graffiti, muscle, glamor, grit, surf, politics, art, music and salt.

Knowing all this, we grabbed a team of filmers, surfers and models and hit the sandy sprawl of pavement and palm trees. The boys expanded their horizons with some acid drops off the pier in between lifestyle takes, Otis found some chill time near a concrete block we wrapped in Warhol x Basquiat art, and everyone rocked the new collection on the real-life catwalk that is the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Not bad for a day’s ‘work’ in the name of two icons of the art world.

Check out this clip and the shots below to get a taste of the results.

See the full Warhol x Basquiat x Billabong LAB collection here.

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© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York