• Behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot in Hawaii

Behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot in Hawaii

Follow our special reporter Sandrine from Sunrise Never Ends behind the scenes of a Billabong photoshoot under the Hawaiian palm trees.

"Some days, you wake up and just know you are gonna have a good day! This morning, we had a rendez-vous with Tara, aka Lady Slider, to follow her during her shoot with the beautiful Malia Murphey for Billabong Womens Europe.

First, we had to meet at Tara's on the North Shore to do Malia's make-up. After that we went to Oahu’s West Coast, to a paradise like beach with turquoise water and no other soul in the bay. The spot was absolutely perfect and that’s where Tara decided to shot Malia surfing.

It’s no easy task, as she needs to manage all aspects of the shooting; the art direction, the light, the angles. It’s fascinating to see all the work that goes into the shoot, find out how much of a pro she is. Everything has been carefully thought in advance, except the spot, which needs to be chosen at the last moment because only the waves can’t be planned or locked down.

From there we move south to find three palm trees that were incredibly photogenic. The water, if possible, seems even more turquoise as the sun rises in the sky and we can see turtles dancing in the waves and a parrot playing in the air. When we walk down the road we get the feeling that Hawaii is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.

After a lunch break in a healthy vegan cafe, we head in the direction of the Surf and Paddle Guest House, Rico Leroy’s home in Haleiwa on the North Shore. It is ideally placed on the beach and the guesthouse will serve as a backdrop for the afternoon’s shoot.

Annie, Tara’s dog, wants absolutely to take part in the action and, like us, can’t stop noseying around the tropical deco house. There are trophies from competition on the shelves, surf deco and a vintage aloha spirit. It looks like it’s deliberately decorated for the shoot and perfectly suits the Billabong collection.

At the end of the day we finish this beautiful afternoon watching the sunset, with a cocktail of course. As we look at the ocean from the terrace, we can’t stop laughing thinking of the beautiful sunny day we spent with these amazing girls."