• Billa Babes On The Road - Portraits

Billa Babes On The Road - Portraits

Surfers mates and wild adventurers, Justine, Lolita & Sirikit hit the road a few weeks ago with Billabong for an exciting surf trip through the Northen West Coast of Spain. While chasing the perfect waves along the coast, get to know these 3 beautiful ocean creatures.

Hi girls! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you do!

Sirikit: Sirikit 23, I’m from Biarritz and I’m in love with life. After a short career as Marketing consultant, I opened up my own coffee shop called Frozen Palm, in Biarritz. I try to make time and schedule in all my different hobbies, but days are always too short! I love surfing, being in the Ocean, running, practicing yoga, eating healthy good food and crossing borders around the world...


Lolita: Hi! My name is Lolita, I live in Biarritz and I love to surf! I started the blog Surf Madame 3 years ago to share my love of surfing with other women and to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Apart from my blog I work freelance in digital marketing. I built a small agency called Vague Digitale and I love to be my own boss, it allows me to surf whenever the waves are good and I can work on all kind of projects and learn a lot everyday.


Justine: I’m 26, I live in Biarritz and I work in design … but I love to do everything haha


What was your first Surfing experience?

Sirikit: With my dad, on his old bodyboard at La Madrague, Anglet, France. I really started surfing on the Réunion Island a few years later.­­

Lolita: In Lacanau at a surfing camp when I was 15, it was kind of a traumatic experience for me because there were hundreds of jellyfish in the ocean, it took me a while to get back into surfing after that and I think I’ll hate jellyfish forever.

Justine: I was 13 and I was taking surf lessons, it was my second day, there was a storm in the distance, a heavy atmosphere and it was small and glassy ... the instructor took me off the coast and made me take my first real wave, long and perfect.

Describe your personality in 3 words

Sirikit: Happy, emotive and little bit too demanding with myself

Lolita: Calm, curious and a little bit moody

Justine: Recently my father sent me a Richard Ford text in which he recognized me. It said that I was interesting, full of quizzical self-mockery, strangely dispersed, but nice and well educated ... (sorry for the 3 words)

Your life’s philosophy

Sirikit: Always be grateful. La vie est belle.

Lolita: Do it with passion or not at all.

Justine: I believe in my destiny, my lucky star. So when everything goes wrong, I believe it’s because something better is gonna happen, fate!

If you were a surf spot…

Sirikit: Honky’s, Maldives. A perfect lef in a corner of paradise with reef and crystal-clear water with turtles!

Lolita: Blackies, in Newport Beach, California

Justine: a secret and wild one

A dream escape…

Sirikit: Mentawai islands with my love

Lolita: Byron Bay in Australia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Bali, there are so many incredible places I want to see

Justine: a boat trip with all my girls!

A surf icon…

Sirikit: A 40 years old lady who surfs at La Grande Plage, Biarritz. We share waves sometimes. I don’t know her name but she always looks beautiful and truly happy when she surfs. She always has a fun attitude.

Lolita: Linda Benson, she was one of the pioneer women surfers in the 60’s in California and her style is amazing!

Justine: Ishita Malaviya, the first Indian professional female surfer.

A hashtag…

Sirikit: #OnEstMieuxLaQueDansSonCanap (created by my boyfriend) which means in English #wearebetterherethanonoursofa

Lolita: #exploretocreate

Justine: #beachlife

An IG account to follow…

Sirikit: @robinlanei_art humour and real life

Lolita: @herewithmagazine the coolest women's mag ever, and I also love @forthecommons and @seabonesbyronbay

Justine: @danigarreton, a bit for her sketches but above all for her dog

An eco-friendly gesture…

Sirikit: I always throw away trash I find on the beach after a surf session.

Lolita: Pick up the trash! Please don’t leave your trash in nature and recycle as much as you can.

Justine: Buy second hand! Second hand boards, clothes, furniture…

A youtube tutorial…

Sirikit: How to make a panda in a cappuccino. As a barista, I spend lot of time watching latte art tutorials.

Lolita: How to write brush calligraphy, still working on that…

Justine: How to make my own detergent.

An embarrassing anecdote

Sirikit: I was having a great surf session, feeling confident until I noticed on the way back a beautiful and white pimple on the top of my nose. Nice

Lolita: When I was 18 I was on a tour in Hollywood and my friend and I lost the group and missed our bus. We panicked and asked police officers to help us, they were very nice and gave us a ride to our bus's next stop, they dropped us in the middle of Hollywood boulevard in front of a huge crowd and everybody laughed. It was scary and embarrassing by also very funny to get a ride in the back of a US police car!

Justine: My last « paddle of shame » to get out of the water, after crashing in front of a beach full of people watching the shore-break.

A bad habit…

Sirikit: Sun Sun Sun, « I’m a sunflower » this is my credo… And I don’t always use (enough) sunscreen.

Lolita: I’m addicted to my phone and I spend way too much time on Instagram.

Justine: Keeping my damaged hair as it is until cutting is the last solution…

A nice book…

Sirikit: All the books written by Frank Tilliez. Typical dark french thriller.

Lolita: Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, she is the founder of Nasty Gal and this book is both funny and inspiring, I loved it. In the same genre, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is also very good.

Justine: « les mutins de la mer », an incredible story about the Berque brothers, twin surfers and adventurers of Contis-Plage crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

A 2017 trend….

Sirikit: Wide pants and midi dresses.

Lolita: Instagram stories! It became a big thing in 2017, now everybody is documenting their lives in stories and you can see glimpses of life from all over the world.

Justine: Electric bikes!!

A source of inspiration…

Sirikit: The Bask Country

Lolita: Mostly my friends, I’m surrounded by such amazing and creative women who believe in their dreams and just go for it, having them in my life and watching them thrive is a daily source of inspiration.

Justine: Is Instagram relevant?

A setback you’ve overcome…

Sirikit: Sometimes during surf session, I’m scared of being scared! But nothing ever happens to me! Being with my love or my friends pushes my limits!

Lolita: I failed miserably at snowboarding, I thought it would be easy since I’m a surfer but I just kept falling and couldn't figure it out, after several attempts I finally gave up and went back to skiing. Maybe I’ll try again one day.

A dream project…

Sirikit: Open a guest house on the shore or become a Chef!

Lolita: Take a year off to travel and explore our beautiful planet.

Justine: To live in a beach house in front of the ocean.

A Billabong Fall piece…

Sirikit: The Honey Maxi Solid Skirt

Lolita: The Find Me Overall, comfy and stylish

Justine: The Urban Wool Bomber jacket because I didn’t know I liked bombers before …

All photos by Séréna Lutton