• Billabong Bloodlines // 2016 In Review

Billabong Bloodlines // 2016 In Review

Our Bloodlines program was created with the goal of nurturing the youngest crop of Billabong talent and giving them the chance to travel the world, receive world class coaching and surf amazing waves while experiencing different cultures. Bloodlines graduates range from World Tour qualifier Ethan Ewing and WQS standout Griffin Colapinto to up-and-coming groms like Kian Martin and Caleb Tancred making Bloodlines the elite youth development program in surfing.

2016 was a massive year for the program - we took two different age groups on camps in places like Bali and Japan and brought along some of the best coaches a grom could hope for, legends Shane Dorian and Taj Burrow. The Bloodlines program has established itself as the elite youth development program in surf and we're confident that the future of surfing is brighter than it's ever been thanks to the new crop of talent starting to make a name for themselves.


The first trip of 2016 featured the Bloodlines crew visiting one of every surfer’s favorite getaways - Bali. The team, including Ryland Rubens, Eithan Osbourne, Finn McGill and Reef Heazlewood scored with some extremely good surf and had the pleasure of having a special guest on the trip, honorary coach Shane Dorian.


The next trip of 2016 was to Japan with a younger crew and if their edit proves anything, it's that the Land of the Rising Sun was very good to the boys. The crew, including Tommy Coleman, Kian Martin, Dakoda Walters, Caleb Tancred, Monnojo Yahagi, Jin Suzuki and Justin Becret, spent a week surfing and sightseeing with honorary coach and legend Taj Burrow and a group of amazing and extremely inviting locals who shared the waves and the stoke of Ikumi Beach with them.

The results speak for themselves. In 2016…

Ethan Ewing

Won 5 Pro Juniors, placed second at the US Open of Surfing WQS 10,000, won the WQS Costa Rica 6000, finished second on the WQS while Qualifying for the World Tour, received the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award and won the World Juniors

Griff Colapinto

Won the Pipe Pro Jr and Cabo Pro Jr, strong results in Hawaii saw him finishing 32nd on the WQS, placed 2nd at World Juniors

Finn McGill

2nd at Tahiti 1,000 WQS, won the Pipe Trials, Finished 3 rd at World Juniors

Reef Heazlewood

5th at the World Juniors