• Billabong Debuts New Surf Game for iPhone

Billabong and Biodroid, a Portuguese game developer, are proud to present Billabong Surf Trip a brand new surf game for surfers made by surfers. The demand for a new surfer’s game of surf has been brewing slowly in the surfing community and this brand new iPhone game brings an authentic experience that captures the real essence of surfing.
"Biodroid is very excited to be developing world class surfing titles in partnership with Billabong," says Ricardo Flores, producer, Biodroid Productions.”

This robust and life-like game explores the surf theme in a totally authentic way; each nuance of the surf life will be brought to you in this game. The player will be able to travel around the world getting to know some of the world championship tour locations and surf breaks that are so special to surfers. Both concept and game-play are validated and tested by Billabong Pro Surfers.

 “This is a surf game with the kind of true surfing simulations that will make you feel you are at that perfect spot” says VP, New Media Scott Wallace. “It’s a trip around the world to surf the best waves on the planet.”
Super-realistic waves that can be traveled to on Billabong Surf Trip include World Championship Tour locations like Mundaka, Spain; Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa; Pipeline, Hawaii; Teahupoo, Tahiti and many others

Billabong’s A-Team of professional surfers tested all aspects of the game, giving specific input on the look and feel.
“The player has direct control of the board on the wave,” says Taj Burrow currently rated #1 on the ASP World Tour. “You focus on pace rather than on action.”
The surf-art style graphics create super-realistic visuals, and the game has many highlights that create a whole world inside the surfing culture. Future platforms will include Sony PSP, Wii Ware, Xbox 360

“The player paddles in the water waiting for the right wave. At the right moment the player jumps onto the board,” says Tiago Pires another ASP top surfer who has been involved with testing Billabong Surf Trip. “The camera tracks the player as he rides the wave. The wave is dynamic and changes constantly. It’s the ultimate thrill for any die-hard surfer, nothing comes close to being in the tube!”