• Billabong Gallery x Reverberation Radio | The Music Behind the Collection

Billabong Gallery x Reverberation Radio | The Music Behind the Collection

Reverberation Radio is a music project between friends, a close-knit group of collectors who create weekly mixes of largely forgotten tracks drawing from many expressions of strange pop & instrumentals. The mixes span disparate decades, cultures, and countries revealing music that is intertwined, revolving, and relative. Fifty-two a year for five straight years - with no end in sight.

We are proud to collaborate with Reverberation Radio and showcase their ideas on our premium garments from the new Billabong Gallery collection.

Below is a playlist from Reverberation Radio, which is a mix of songs that the collection's products are named after:

1. La Gran Ciudad - from the album "La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth," by Elia y Elizabeth

2. Buena Suerte - from the album "Los Grandes Exitos de las 4 Monedas," by Las 4 Monedas

3. In a Phantom Mood - from the album "How to Live With a Phantom," by Shintaro Sakamoto

4. Vai - Vai - from the album "Aurinkoinen Musiikkimatka," by Jean-Pierre Sabar

5. I Lost a Game - from the album "I Lost a Game," by Cerro Verde

6. Cool Cat - from the album "Hot Space," by Queen

7. Fazon - from the album "The Miraculous Hump Returns From the Moon," by Sopwith Camel

8. Babylonian Pearl - from the album "Flow Motion," by Can

9. Keep it Warm- from the album "Moving Targets," by Flo & Eddie

10. Holy Are You - from the album "Release of an Oath," by The Electric Prunes

Hear more from Reverberation Radio: