• Billabong Groms on the Northshore

When the Off the Wall houseful of Billabong team riders including Laurie Towner, Cory Arrambide, Dean Bowen, Keanu Asing, Dane Zaun, Kolohe Andino, Cody Thomson, Kaimana Jaquias, and TJ Barron woke up this morning the ground was thundering.

The boys surfed 6 - 8 feet Haleiwa - serious stuff. A few were having a bit of trouble adapting to 7'0 boards but started to get the hang of it after concentrating on using their back foot a bit more. Afternoon was Pipe (Heath, Dean) and 10Ft Sunset (all the rest).

Deano stood out like dogs balls, in the 50 plus crowd, scoring some of the best rides of the afternoon. Laurie and Andy both confirmed attendance next week; should be awesome for the groms. And word has it that Cory and Dane were leading the cooking ranks after an amazing Chicken Cacciatore' last night.
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