On the week end of the 13th - 14th of May, it was held, at the beach of Barinatxe, the first stop of the Junior Basque Tour. With the participation of 44 girls and boys from the Basque Country and Spain, divided in two categories, under 18 and under 14. On The first day, Saturday, the journey started rainy but the sun come out during the day and stayed during the whole week end. However waves were small, thank to the level showed by the competitors, the conditions were good enough for the surfers to show their great level.

During the contest the ambience was great. Surfers, relatives, friends and everybody at the beach could enjoy the spectacle.

We have to thank the local surf club for letting use the competitors their installations and to offer their help every moment.

Next stop will be in San Sebastian the 10th - 11th of June, see you there !!

Official Results

– SUB 18 BOYS:
1 Endika Garai
2 Arnau Riera
3 Beñat Ramos
3 Julen Susperregi

1 Sara Urresti
2 Paula Nieto
3 Mikele Beato
3 Jone Ibarrondo

– SUB 14 BOYS:
1 Iker Trigeros
2 Markel Bizkarguenaga
3 Peru Zuñiga
3 Aitzol Aginaga

1 Janire González-Etxabarri
2 June del Campo
3 Alejandra Garcia
3 Annette González-Etxabarri