• Billabong New Generation Wellenreitcamp 2008: kids hooked on surfing!

Billabong New Generation Wellenreitcamp 2008 presented by Kustom on the island of Sylt, Germany gets 30 kids hooked on surfing!

What an amazing weekend! 30 kids between 8 and 14 years of age, 30 degrees air temperature with no clouds all weekend long and probably the most fun you can image for two days of surfing and beachlifestyle action.

The small community of Rantum on the island of Sylt in the North Sea of Germany was the host of the Billabong New Generation Wellenreitcamp 2008 on the weekend of 26. and 27. July. For the third year in a row thirty kids were lucky enough to be invited by Billabong and Kustom Footwear to get a completely covered weekend in order to learn the basics of surfing plus getting all the necessary background infos in order to enjoy the ocean and the beach in a safe and sustainable way.
Yoga classes, small lectures about dune and beach protection as well as important information about the swell, waves, tides and sandbars were all on the menu for the kids before they head out to the ocean for some serious paddle-action. Supervised by seven certified surfinstructors and local lifeguards the kids did a paddle-race in order to improve their technique.
The "Help-a-Friend" workshop wraped up an exciting first day, where the kids learned all the correct actions to take when they see someone in a dangerous situation on the beach, in the ocean or in case someone gets hurt during a surfing session. A campfire on the beach and a serious amount of marshmallows where the perfect treat before everyone fell in their beds for a good night's sleep.
On Sunday, the swell was still missing and only tiny waves broke in the sandbars of Rantum's beachfront. Anyways, a motorboat and a long rope were the answer! Lying, kneeling, or standing up on a surfboard, everyone found a comfortable position behind the boat.
Before the kids were picked up by their parents everyone received a diploma that the kids wanted to get signed by their surfing teachers. Plus a group picture was taken with a painting of a whale that some of the kids painted during the weekend. The picture will be uploaded on Dave Rastovich's website www.visualpetition.com, and is on of our contributions to the protection of marine mammals and the conservation of the world's oceans.
The kids were stoked, we were stoked and everyone for sure needed a few days of rest to recover from two exciting days. By now everyone should be back on track in order to go out and surf again as soon as possible.
The Billabong New Generation Wellenreitcamp presented by Kustom is made possible by our partners: Community of Rantum, Surfing & Yoga Sylt, HiFly Surfboards, Tide Surfmagazin, Slack Magazin, Sat.1 Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein, Bionade, Richter’s Restaurant, Kustom Footwear und Billabong.
A very special 'Thank You' is going out to Britta, Markus, Angelo, Flo, Tim, Bent, Volker, Benni, Henner and Felix for their amazing support. But an extra special 'Thank You' needs to be addressed to the 30 kids of this year's camp. Thank you for your good spirits, your respect towards each other, respect towards the island of Sylt and it's beaches and your respect towards all facilities and the equipment that we were allowed to use. You rocked, guys!