• Billabong Pipemasters 2014 - Round 2

Billabong Pipemasters 2014 - Round 2

This morning we awoke to a building 8 - 12 foot WNW swell and light trades, it wasn't a question of if the Billabong Pipe Masters would be called on, it was a question of when. The call was made to start immediately, sending Kelly Slater and Reef McIntosh into the stormy, but sometimes perfect Pipeline lineup. Both Kelly and Reef charged without fear, with Kelly posting a 17.00 point total thanks to some incredible backside barrel rides. The tone had been set for a day of crazy rides.

And sure enough, as the swell built through the day the surfers never backed down. Heats were won with 3's and 4's, but not for a lack of fearless late drops and barrel rides. And scattered in between all the wipeouts were some great rides and crazy takeoffs. The surfers and contest directors gathered at the end of Round 2 and decided to put the event on standby in hope for more favorable conditions. Unfortunately, an hour later things remained the same and the event was called off for the rest of the day.

Scroll down for photos and footage from Day 2 at the Billabong Pipe Masters.