• Billabong riders awarded at the Surfeurope Reader‚Äö?Ñ?Â¥s Choice Awards ceremony

Hossegor, France (August 20, 2008)
The first annual Surfeurope Reader’s Choice Awards ceremony took place on monday evening at the infamous Casino d’Hossegor with all the Surf Industry. The Time had come to celebrate European Surfing by honoring themost popular and the most influential European surfers. The readers made their choices and they did pretty well!

The “EuroSack Award”, to honor the hardest charger, went to French hellman BENJAMIN SANCHIS, alias SANCHO. The Billabong Free surfer was rewarded for his bravery and the performances he did this year on the  biggest waves around the globe.

TIAGO PIRES won an Award as the second Best European Surfer behind French fellow WCT competitor Jeremy Flores. The Portuguese Billabong Team Rider who’s having an impressive first year on the WCT, was honored for his great results and especially for recently defeating Kelly Slater in Bali! Congratulations!