The Humble But Fearless Big Wave Surfer

Irvine, CA:  Billabong has reached into the unique world of surfing to sign big wave charger Greg Long to its global team.   

This highly respected, humble, young Californian has done a lot more than most people think in his 25 years on the planet. Besides riding 60 foot monster waves, Greg has been attacked by a Tiger Shark, named one of Fittest Fifty Americans in Men’s Fitness, achieved top amateur competitive status, travelled to six continents and won Billabong XXL awards in several categories.

“It is so refreshing to see in this day and age a surfer who has achieved so much already, and is still so down to earth and appreciative of being a part of something as special as surfing,” stated Billabong’s VP Marketing, Graham Stapelberg. “We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”

Starting in a more traditional mode, Long began his career when he won the 2001 NSSA Men’s Open Championships earning respect as a great guy and a solid all round surfer. Having built a reputation in his home area of San Clemente, California, this affable young charger came into his own when he began to explore the rarefied world of truly big waves, taking him to Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, Oregon, Mexico, and the fabled Cortez Banks.

“Nobody chases big waves as hard as Greg,” says Mike “Snips” Parsons, two time XXL winner and former ASP Top 16 Pro. “He’s definitely one of the top 3 big wave paddle surfers on the planet. He’s the only guy who gets invited to everything.”

In 2004 he won the Red Bull/South Africa contest at Dungeons, and since then Long has been inducted into the small, elite club of big wave chasers who specialise in hunting for the very biggest swells around the globe.

"I am very honoured to join the Billabong team," he said.  "They are without question, the greatest supporters of modern big wave adventure surfing and I truly look forward to working with the entire crew around the globe."

"Together, we will continue our quest to search for, and ride the most extreme waves on the planet."   

Perhaps the most valuable character trait Long possess is a big heart.

“You don’t find young guys who are humble, fearless and so likeable all at the same time,” notes Parsons. “He makes friends everywhere he goes.”