• Billabong Team Wake Rider Dylan Prideaux doing what he does best

First week in America.. I settled in to the Wakeboard Camp at Clermont. They are an awesome bunch and it'sthe home of our Aussie Girls Amber, Hayley and Bec.

I went out in Freddie Waynes VLX on Lake Whippoorwill with Danny Burnstein and had a fun set. I landed a Moby Dick 5 on my first attempt and watched some sick runs from Freddie & Danny. It was great just chilling and listening to aussie tunes - Hilltop Hoods, Bliss and Eso. I had never tried a Moby Dick 5, and thought that a Skeezer 5 would be my next Mobe 5, but it felt good, and I have them consistent now. It was nice hanging at Freddie's, his family remind me of mine and his Mum is awesome just like mine. I saw a sick new rail that is just insane and had a crazy tramp set on an olympic standard tramp (and Freddie absolutely dominates it). Freddie's family have asked me to come stay with them after Worlds which I am looking forward to.

I have had lots of fun riding at OWC which is where the Worlds will be held. Danny Burnstein and I have been trying to learn two new tricks, one being a cab 10 and the other being a hoochie blind 3. I love OWC, it's a very cool place.

Here is a video of Dylan showing us what he does best!