• ​#BILLABONGCORE - Froghouse (Newport Beach, CA)

​#BILLABONGCORE - Froghouse (Newport Beach, CA)

The Froghouse in Newport Beach, it’s like no other surf shop on earth. Sure, there’s shops that are just as core when it comes to the length of time they’ve been there, or the waxy smell that permeates from their carpets.

What really separates the Froghouse from other shops though is the comedic approach owner TK, sidekick Mike Beho and his employees take to running the place. Make no mistake about it though, these guys know their stuff. They’ll shed their knowledge with any customer no matter how local or foreign the person may be.

Bottom line, they are absolute professionals at having a hell-of-a good time. Whether it be their marquee directed at all of PCH with hilarious sayings, or the way that the crew plays jokes on one another. The Froghouse is truly one of a kind.

We caught up with owner TK, asked a few questions and got some amazing answers.

Who or what inspired you to start your retail business?


How long have you been in business?


Sum up your staff in a few sentences.

I only need one sentence to sum them up. Functioning alcoholic paroles that are ok at surfing and have questionable hygiene.

What’s your favorite part about being in this industry?

Free food at McDonald's. It's an industry secret no one knows about.

What’s the biggest challenge you face on a regular basis?

Taking on the Amazon, not the jungle but the online mega machine. Also manufactures opening retail stores and selling direct to the public and cutting out retail stores. You companies know who you are.

Tell us about local events you host.

We have some of the best parking lot parties filled with crossdressing, beer, pizza, movies, indian leg wrestling. We also help out with local schools giving discounts and donations. That's not really an event but it makes us look good.

What makes your store/shop unique to others?

We are an actual surf shop that sells surf supplies for surfing. We sell clothing but it's kind of only there for decoration and so we don't work naked. We have no computer or online store because of our deep fear of technology. We also sell wax for a $1 and have the largest rubber band ball in a surf shop.

Lastly, tell us the funniest incident that’s ever taken place in your store.

One time me and Mikey Beho found a briefcase at the shop that belonged to a beautiful girl named Mary and went on a cross country road trip to give her back her lost item in Aspen Colorado, where the beer flows like wine. On the way we drove our van that was modified to look like dog and befriended a delightful man named Seabass at a cafe. We found out that the inside of the briefcase was money and we bought awesome tuxedos and awesome fancy cars to help us find her. Long story short the money was ransom money for a kidnapping. That part wasn't funny but the other events were great.

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