• El Projecto Litoral Norte

El Projecto Litoral Norte is what ill run with on this one, ive slapped together a bunch of pics from a quick trip I did to the north of brazil….why?...1000s of drunk brazo rednecks is why…chuffed and utterly confused…well read on.

Sao Juan, here in the north of brazil its bigger than Carnival, a huge 5 day party where everyone drops everything and head to small country towns dressed are red neck hicks and proceed to sink piss and party…not bad huh…not exactly sure on the reason behind it all, I guess the sinking piss and partying part is reason enough.

North of Brazil
As inviting as heading inland with a bunch of pissed rednecks sound, I opted to headed north “litoral Norte” to be politically correct… its about 2 hours north of Salvador city, riddled with small fishing towns, coconut trees, reef passes even the odd turtle kicking around….the place had a real tropical feel….a really mellow place. Kind of a ByronBayfeel, well before byron it the cool place to be a tree hugger….

Breakfast lunch and dinner was nothing but fresh fruit and seafood, local fishermen walk through the streets of the villages screaming somthing in portugese, Im guessing it ment cheap as fark seafood!!!...bingo, prawns for $9 a kilo and $5 a lobster... and that’s at gringo prices, im sure locals get it even cheaper.

North of Brazil

As good as the food and culture was, the waves were a little half assed, surfed this one reef pass really similar to v-land, locals swearing it gets like chopes hmmmm not sure on that one fellas, but a fun wave all the same. A lot of amazing setups that im sure pump, just not on my watch….

Just under 2 weeks until im back in Australia, ive only spent 2 days at home in the last 4 months, so im itching to get home and get some winter offshores…

Well now that blogs off my back, im off to bed as you wake up, becuase its very different where i am....