• ​Branch rack DIY

​Branch rack DIY

Don’t let your favorite clothes stay hidden in your closet. Have you ever considering adding a small rack into your dressing room to highlight your current favorite pieces of clothing? More than just having on hand your seasonal favorites, this branch rack will add such a nice natural and boho touch to your entire room.

Don’t forget to hang some shell necklace, pompons, ribbons or any accessories you like at the ends of your rack. Or add some frames, shells or candles to create a nice corner.

You need:

Dried branch


Paint and brush (optionnal)

Nails and hammer

  • Bring a dried branch back from a forest or beach walk, making sure its diameter is thin enough to hold your hangers on.
  • Take off any bark.
  • Have fun painting your branch. We chose to create white ethnic-inspired patterns at both ends.
  • Define where you want to put your branch rack and hammer in the nails.
  • Secure some rope at both the ends and hang your rack.
  • You’re done!