• Catching Up With Courtney Conlogue

Catching Up With Courtney Conlogue

SoCal native, Courtney Conlogue is back in town after spending the past two months on tour with a fresh win under her belt! New Zealand brought her a step closer to fulfilling her dream of winning a world title and inched her up in the rankings to #3 in the World and we couldn't be prouder. This girl does not mess around -- you will often find her at the gym or watching the sunrise from her surfboard. It's no secret that Courtney is a fitness fanatic and it has proven to pay off, but she also knows the importance of balance and making sure to set aside time to exercise her other creative talents. Whether it be painting up a storm in her artist studio or rescuing baby hummingbirds, she's always doing something radical. And looking pretty radical too! You can usually spot her wearing an oversized mens oxford top, beat up jeans and the sweetest shoes. Every once in a while, she whips out her blue suede shoes (yes, just like her idol, Elvis). Kudos to her for not taking herself too seriously, dabbling in whatever she feels like at the moment and killing it on tour!

Scroll through a few of our favorite pics of her and her life + a fun Q+A...

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Home is...
Santa Ana, California.

My favorite local surf spot…
Huntington Beach pier or Ventura point.

My favorite surf spot in the entire world…
Still searching.

The coolest place I have ever been…
Europe! All of it! I absolutely love it! Full of cafes, castles, history, great people and great beaches. Always an adventure to be had.

How did it feel to win in New Zealand?
Winning New Zealand was very special. For me, winning an event that the community sponsors and puts on is amazing.  The people are so positive about women’s surfing, so when you are there, you thrive and get amped off of it.  Also, winning this event gives me the opportunity to be one step closer to my dream.

The first thing I do when home from touring…
Visit with my dogs.  I always miss them when I am traveling on tour, so when I get home that is always the first thing I do.

I never leave on tour without…
A Billabong black bikini is a necessity.  My heels; my feather earrings; sketchbook and pencils; journal; ipod; my Beats headphones and my surfboards.

Describe your perfect day.
Getting a nice early start to my morning.  Spending the day with people that I love.  It would be full of surfs (hopefully getting a couple barrels), laughter and whatever else the day brings, whether it is going golfing, hanging in my art studio a bit, or even cruising through town. Then to close the day, everyone in the backyard with steaks and potatoes on the BBQ.

What is your go-to outfit?
I love wearing oxford tees, and blouses, with some sort of denim... either pants or shorts and I absolutely love boots and Converse!

When I was little, I wanted to be…
A ninja.  I also wanted to be a part of anything that let me wear a cool uniform and rad boots, whether it was being a firefighter; in the Air Force, etc.  When I was five, I always went to school wearing my Dr. Martin boots with my school uniform.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
Definitely a Tiger.

What's your favorite season?
I love winter! Cold morning filled with warm coffee.  I get to wear all my boots, jackets, scarves and denim.  Every cold night I love to sit by our fireplace wearing a onesie with a fluffy blanket and a cup of afternoon tea with tons of honey.

My secret talents…
Playing with my yoyo, raising abandoned hummingbirds, and making smoothies.

My worst habit is…
My wetsuit tan lines.

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be…
Steak or Italian! I love the both of them!

My guilty pleasure…
Ice cream and dark chocolate!  I love it!

What songs are you playing on repeat right now?
Lights by Ellie Goulding, Girls on fire by Alicia Keys, Fighter by Gym Class Heroes & Ho hey by the Lumineers

My favorite movie to watch when having a down day is…
Arthur, Forest Gump, Step Brothers, White Chicks and Thirteen Going on Thirty.

My beauty regimen includes…
For my face, always wearing product with UV protection, whether it is sunscreen or makeup.  I love night cream lotions by Lancome for my face. Natural or deep red lips. For my body; eating healthy, doing what I love, and getting to the gym.

Best advice I have ever been given was…
Never back down.  Be all you can be and all that you want to be.