Blog post from surfer/model/musician Catherine Clark from her travels to Australia to play at a music fest, and hang with her friend and fellow Billabong model Bec Ronald.

A few weeks ago, I took off for Australia. I started it off with a magical adventure to Woodford Folk Festival. I got to play the song "Willing the Fog to Burn" with The Band of Frequencies. It was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much Band of Frequencies for such an awesome week and opportunity :)


Woodford mid day. This was one of the most beautiful festivals I've ever been to. All around were the most amazing, massive trees. I kept looking up, and tripping on where I was. The music was unreal too. I saw artists that I've never seen that absolutely blew me away. Tinpan Orange, My Friend Chocolate Cake, Joe Robinson... just to name a few.

Bec & Catherine

After the festival, I went and stayed with the wonderful and beautiful Bec Ronald. Our days consisted on ultimate lounging time, beach, sun, and wonderful conversation.

Bec playing the didgeridoo

Bec playing the didgeridoo. This girl is not just a pretty face. Beneath the exterior, there is something so deep and connected. I found myself in so many moments of conversation, where it was as if she pulled the thought from my head, so many moments it was like a voice spoke right through her, right into my heart. So many things I needed to hear, she provided such a beautiful space to learn and listen. It's amazing to have a friend who is willing to explore the open seas of an untapped mind. We were able to share new ideas of spirituality, constantly marveling at the beauty which God has created in this world.

Bec's room

I learned a lot from this trip. But it all lead back to the main point. The point of how important it is to love, to appreciate every moment, and get lost within the beauty of simple things. And even when my face was glowing orange from too much sun, it was worth every moment. Because in those moments, it was not just the sun and I, it was everything, above, below and between. The ocean, the company, the sun and some sweet tunes. It doesn't get much better than that. :) xx