• Celebrating International Surfing Day with Alessa Quizon

Celebrating International Surfing Day with Alessa Quizon

We’re celebrating International Surfing Day throughout the week by featuring some of our favorite surfers from around the world.

Today we caught up with Oahu's Alessa Quizon and asked her about all things surf. Read her Q&A below…

We know you recently came back from an epic surf trip…can you fill us in on some details. Yes! I recently came back from the Kanduis, an island in the Mentawais. It was amazing! The place was like no other, I was surrounded by palm trees, warm water and tons of waves open for anyone to surf. During my trip I got to surf 8-10 ft bank volts and Kanduis Lefts back to back in a matter of 2 hours! It was the most surreal and crazy feeling I’ve felt in that amount of time and in a long time haha. I felt fear backed up with a huge amount of andreline. Honestly it was the best feeling ever and during both sessions I had to take myself out of my comfort zone and throw myself into some big ones. But in that moment I realized why I loved surfing and being in the ocean. The thrill and excitement of putting yourself on the ledge and just going for it. It felt good haha.

One piece or Bikini? Bikinis!

What makes swim surf able for you? I like surfing in bikinis that are functional and fit my type of body well. With one pieces it can be a bit difficult for surfing with my body type. With a 2 piece its pretty straight forward and you can adjust how tight you want it around your body.

You grew up on the westside of Oahu, and know your love of your hometown beach break, but what’s next best contender in your book? I really enjoyed my trips to Fiji. That place is a dream for goofy footers. Cloudbreak is one of my favorite waves and the weather is very similar to Hawaii. The Kanduis is pretty high on my list as well haha.

What’s next on your travel checklist…and why? It’s been my dream to surf Macaronis and Greenbush since I was a little girl. Being a goofy footer it was always a goal of mine to get barreled out at Greenbush and score amazing waves out at Macaronis!

You’ve traveled all over the world. What is one thing that is consistent everywhere. The most consistent thing that I see the most is the beauty in the place, waves and people. And your always surrounded by good company. I think surfing and places that we go to, gravitate good energy and create beautiful moments. There is definitely rough patches everywhere but beauty still withstands along with the good vibes.

Besides celebrating surfing on International Surfing Day, how do you seek to impact to protect your local coastline? I was taught from a very young age to respect the ocean and the power and beauty it provides. I try my best to influence that same mentality when I travel the world or meet new people who have the same love I have for the ocean. Take care of what provides you happiness and it will do the same in return. Picking up trash goes along way. In Hawaii some of the tourist tend to leave trash on the beach. If I ever did that it was a slap to the hand. I would just like people to be mindful of what they leave behind. It would be uncool if some of your guest visited your house and left their trash there. Also, In Hawaii they recently banned harmful sunscreens that are harmful to our reefs. It would be cool to see other coastal states and countries participate in that new rule.

What does International Surfing Day mean for you? What ISD means to me it’s a day of reminder to always celebrate surfing and the ocean. To always appreciate the benefits surfing and the ocean has to offer you.

photo credit: @haakeaulana

How has surfing contributed to your relationships? What people have you met that you may not have had you not surfed? Surfing has given me the opportunity to have relationships with the best people and the best places around the world. I have this special bond with all my fellow surfers and even ocean lovers that only surfing could provide.It has made my relationships with my own family stronger then ever. Surfing has shown me beauty and pure rawness at the same time. To have that kind of relationship with the ocean as well, is truly special.

Who inspired you to start surfing? My dad and my family. They have taught me the best gift of all.