• Celebrating International Surfing Day With Isabella Nichols

Celebrating International Surfing Day With Isabella Nichols

1. You are from Denmark but you grown up in Australia, did that influence your style in surfing and in your life ?

I lived in Denmark for the first three years of my life, but because my dad was a keen surfer, we didn’t last long over there before he convinced my Mum to move back to Aus. I don’t think I would be a surfer if I had ever lived in Denmark, so I’d definitely say that growing up in Aus has influence my passion for surfing! Denmark is the most incredible place in the world, if I didn’t love the ocean as much as I do I’d have moved back long ago.

2. Favorite surf able swim?
I really liked surfing in the colour spell range, they stayed on and felt really comfortable in the surf, I prefer surfing in a two piece bikini set because it feels more comfortable and you can mix and match colours.

3. What is the best thing of being part of the Billabong team?
The best thing about being apart of the Billabong team is that it’s like a little family, always someone to help you out when needed and a nice group of girls.

4. What does International Surfing Day mean for you?
To me ISD is all about getting in the water, sharing the love of surfing with others around you and encouraging others to have a go.

5. What was the trigger to start surfing?
My dad was a keen surfer, he got me in the water when I was 8 for the first time, but it was when I was 12 that I found my trigger, all my friends surfed and it was a fun way to socialise with them.

6. What does surfing bring you?
And escape, something that I can really work towards improving, a healthy happy lifestyle, a great community, and it just makes me happy being in the water.

7. You are part of a new generation of women surfer, what is the main difference between generation?
I think the new generation knows where the bar is set, and just want to push themselves to be better and better.

8. Is there a place on the top of your go to list where you want to go?
Alaska would be incredible to visit, the waves look really fun and the place looks incredibly beautiful! Also somewhere similar like Iceland, would be cold but it’d be amazing to see.

9. What music motivates you the most before a heat?
I listen to a huge mix of music before a heat, I like to throw in a bunch of songs from each genre just to get me in the mood and get a little boogie on.

10. Your favorite motto?
Life is a marathon, not a sprint.