• Celebrating International Surfing Day with Josie Prendergast

Celebrating International Surfing Day with Josie Prendergast

We’re celebrating International Surfing Day throughout the week by featuring some of our favorite surfers from around the world.

Today we caught up with our favorite longboarder from the Philippines, Josie Prendergast and asked her about all things surf. Read her Q&A below…

You’re incredibly proud of your hometown of Siargao. How does surfing unite your community together? I am so proud of Siargao and the people here! surfing has given such a great opportunity for the locals here to travel and be part of a surf culture in Asia. With the ocean, and surfing, it has brought so much joy to the kids, and locals of Siargao + those who visit the island. Everyone shares the same love for the ocean and the sport, and with that comes a happy happy happy community!

How do you seek to inspire others on a day like International Surfing Day? to continue doing what you love. surfing has brought me so much joy and continues to do so. I want to influence those the same thing. surfing is my representation of happiness.

photo credit: @Camillerdp

Where to next on your surf travel checklist? Mexico! :)

photo credit: @Camillerdp

As a longboarded, what do you look for in surfable swim pieces? I love a flattering one piece. something comfortable and cute!

What are some things that people can do to make a difference and ‘Protect and Enjoy’ our beaches? Be mindful of your waste and for sure choose to be the change you want to see.

We know you take pride in cleaning your coastline and reminding those to ‘travel friendly’ and be respectful and responsible. How do you lead by example when traveling? I am trying my best to be the best. even though sometimes it can be difficult as plastic etc is such an evident part of our lives. I always carry my reusable water bottle, rather than constantly buying plastic bottles. I just orders reusable coffee cups and now just got a reusable spoon and fork :D when ever i travel I try to be as responsible and respectable as I can, not only to the different cultures and people, but for sure to the environment also. Here in Siargao i always take parts in there beach cleanups.

photo credit: @Camillerdp

How would you describe the feeling of surfing + longboarding specifically, it looks like such a beautiful dance with the sea! I feel incredible when i longboard. It's like dancing, but in the ocean.

When did you first start surfing? What made you hooked? I first got hooked on to long boarding when i was 11. the feeling was indescribable and I'm so happy I started surfing!

photo credit: @Camillerdp

You’ve traveled many places surfing & with the Billabong Team, where would you want to go back to? There are so many beautiful places i have been! Id love to go back to where it all began- my first ever billabong trip- Panama! and I'd love to go back to Maldives and Barbados.

If you could have any wave in the world, with no crowd, and perfect swell constantly, in your backyard … what one would it be? The Pass, Byron Bay!

photo credit: @Camillerdp

photo credit: @Camillerdp