• Celebrating International Surfing Day With Laura Enever

Celebrating International Surfing Day With Laura Enever

1. You have a fun personality, what inspires you daily?

I'm inspired daily by the amazing people around me, the places I've traveled to and anyone who lives their life fearlessly and authentically. We are all constantly changing and growing which to me is the beauty of life. I love finding new motivations and always challenging myself.... but yes, having fun is the MOST important thing haha :)

2. Favorite surf able swim?

My favorite suit to surf in would have to be a one piece, especially if the waves are bigger!

3. What does International Surfing Day mean for you?

International Surfing Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the ocean, the beauty of riding waves and happiness surfing brings so many (including me). It's more importantly a day to shine a light on the major issues threatening our oceans so we can protect and preserve our beautiful coastlines and waves.

4. Growing up in the North Narrabeen surf community, what has marked and influenced you most?

Surfing has always been such a big part of my lifestyle growing up at North Narrabeen. I was always influenced by all the surfers before me and all my friends and family I surfed with everyday growing up. Some of my best memories are from my grom days at Narrabeen, we had so much fun!

5. You travelling the world to surf the best waves, but if you have to choose one spot, what would you choose?

That is a tough one. I've travelled to so many beautiful places with amazing waves, cities and people. My favourite waves would have to be in Indonesia, Fiji and Tahiti but when I'm not in the tropics I love being home in Australia.

6. Is there is a place where you never went and you want to go?

There is So many places I've yet to travel to. I want to explore more of Europe, South America and Asia!!

7. How do you want to impact people about taking care of the environment? Do you think about an impactful action that you want to do?

As surfers we are in the ocean everyday and have so much respect for mother nature so it's devastating seeing the major issues threatening it. I just want people to know and realize that the small changes we can all make daily will go such a long way in protecting and preserving our oceans for the future. We can all help!

8. You know everyone on the women’s circuit since all those years together, what changed the most since your beginning?

One of the most special things about surfing as been the lifelong friendships I've made. What started as a connection through the ocean has turned into much more. The people I have met through surfing are like family and always will be...

9. One advice for young surfer women?

Always trust your instincts in and out of the ocean and have fun!!

10. What’s next for you?

At the moment I'm taking some time away from competing to focus on Big wave surfing which has always been a love of mine. I'm working on a film "UNDONE" based on adventures and waves around Australia.

After 7 years on the World Tour the change has been scary but so fun and I'm so excited for the challenges ahead!All photos by Alana Mock @coconutcomradery