• Celebrating International Surfing Day with Pacha Light

Celebrating International Surfing Day with Pacha Light

We’re celebrating International Surfing Day throughout the week by featuring some of our favorite surfers from around the world.

Today we caught up with our Aussie babe Pacha Light and asked her about all things surf. Read her Q&A below…

Two things that most people don’t know about you…I’ve lived in the cloud forest of Ecuador with no electricity, composting toilet, no mirrors, hours walk up the mountain to reach a dirt road where we would catch a bus into town. It was the best times of my life, in nature living simply with the earth.

I also worked my school holidays painting a house to save enough money to buy my first brand new wetsuit for the winter season (we used to get second hand wetsuits and just sew them up every winter!) as soon as I about to get the wetsuit, Billabong called about wanting to support me and made my dreams come true!

Where do you call home...I live on the Gold Coast, surfing and training and being close to family- I’m always traveling so I feel comfortable all around the world as long as the salt water and waves are close by.

We know you have an affinity towards Snapper, but what’s your current go-to local surf spot and why? My favorite surf spot would have to be the endless beach breaks all the way from Burleigh to Dbah- Gold Coast has so many hidden gems and it’s all about going off the beaten track and finding a new break to enjoy!

Where are you heading next? I’m heading back to one of my favorite places , South Africa in a weeks time- to compete and to surf the raw and remote locations with the most incredible friends. I’m also hoping to learn more about and share some awareness about what’s happening to the wildlife there - especially from habitat loss and poaching.

Favorite surf able swim? My favorite swim piece to surf in would be the one pieces as I don’t worry about things coming undone or anything slipping out! - I can stay focused on what’s happening on the wave and out in the ocean.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with surfing? The first time I fell in love with surfing was in the wild waves of Iluka, a little coastal village where we lived in our homemade house in the bush - I felt free and connected with nature and had so much fun trying to get better. I fell even deeper in love when pro-surfer Laura Enever gave me her back up board after she saw me busking when I was 10 years old. It made me feel that surfing is more than a sport - it can be a lifestyle of kindness and empowerment and caring! Laura felt like a sister and inspired me with her love for surfing.

What does International Surfing Day mean for you? To me, International Surfing Day means a day for people to love the ocean and celebrate the joy that surfing brings - nothing else compares to it! It’s a powerful force that teaches you and humbles you and ignites your sense of being truly alive!

How are you seeking ‘Protect and Enjoy’ and make change on your beaches, waves and the coastlines in your hometown? When I was 15 years old, Andy MacKinnon helped me organize a 10km paddle from Snapper Rocks to Currumbin in the Gold Coast to help protect our beautiful, pristine coastline as a World Surfing Reserve. A few months later, the tide had turned in the local council and we succeeded in declaring Snapper to Burleigh Heads the 8th global world surfing reserve. The feeling of being actively involved in protecting the places you love is priceless (and slightly addictive!)

I work with a few environmental organizations including as the SurfRider Foundation to protect our planet and am always willing to do more whenever I can. It feels good to do good!

Who inspires you to make little changes and differences every day? I get inspiration and lessons from everywhere; the ocean, the forest, my mother, people I follow on social media who have open minds and really are passionate on saving our planet and our health. I love seeing the special moments where people are enjoying the ocean for the first time and I remind myself about how lucky I am everyday but also how we need to take action and protect it so future generations can have a chance to enjoy it too.