• Chadd Konig, Angus Stone, Isabel Lucas Join the first leg TransparentSea

A group of environmental activists led by Billabong free-surfer Dave Rastovich set sea north of Santa Barbara yesterday on a one-month voyage to the Mexican border. TransparentSea aims to highlight local coastal issues and the plight of marine mammals.

"Our group is acting as a voice for the global surfing community, focusing on ocean issues and primarily cetaceans, which include dolphins, whale and porpoises. California is a major surf industry hub, and also where a lot of surfers take active roles in defending their coast so it is a great privilege for our group to be able to join in those efforts and further the movement." -Dave Rastovich

Dave Rastovich with Sandy Lejeune for Surfrider's Save Gaviota Coast

During the 260-mile (418-kilometer) odyssey the group will be joined by like-minded individuals and a rotating roster of special guests as they kayak and surf their way south, making more than 20 stops to engage communities and draw awareness to key issues.

Chadd Konig, Angus Stone, Isabel Lucas

Among those on the first leg from Gaviota Pier to El Capitan were Australian actress Isabel Lucas and her singer-songwriter boyfriend Angus Stone. Angus co-authored the track "THESE 20 MILES" while with the TransparentSea crew. Take a listen.

"It’s hard to not want to be involved with this type of thing (TransparentSea). Once you have an interest and a passion for something, you have a natural desire to want to protect it and nurture it and love it and see other people do the same thing. We’re just a small group of people and - one step at a time - we can all do our part knowing it does make a difference."  - Isabel Lucas

Musican Angus Stone with his girlfriend, model & actress Isabel Lucas

Follow the voyage, get involved, attend one of the events near you and meet the crew.