• Chain Stitch your bandana DIY

Chain Stitch your bandana DIY

With festival season well underway we’re feeling inspired to take a brief moment away from the beach and act as the ultimate band-aids for a weekend or two...

Whether you’re heading to Coachella, Stagecoach or Down Under’s Splendour in the Grass this easy bandana chain stitch how-to is a perfect way to add a little customization to your ensemble.

Paired perfectly with the For Sure Top, Drift Away Denim Shorts, and our favorite kimono, Sea The Sun Top, it’s an accessory that can be tied around the neck for a westward twist, around the wrist for a little rocker-chic, as a flowerchild headband, or a knotted hair tie.

Now that we’ve gone through some of the possibilities, it’s time for a quick tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A Bandana

Embroidery string

A needle

A pencil

First, decide what you’re going to stitch. Name, lyric, little motif? Using your pencil, lightly sketch it on the edge of your bandana. Now thread your needle. Depending on how think you’d like your chain stitch to be, you can separate the embroidery string – we pulled two strands, looped it through the needle, and knotted both sides together (so our thickness was 4 strands).

To begin your ‘chain stitch’, which is basically just a series of loops, poke your needle from the bottom of your bandana and pull all the way through. Using the needle, poke directly back through the hole you just created, but this time going from the top to the bottom. As you pull your needle through, you will begin to see a loop forming.

Poke another hole through the bottom of your bandana a stitch away, and through the loop you formed from the previous stitch. After you pull the thread all the way through, you will notice the ‘chain stitch’ beginning to form. Repeat this step for each letter. If you run out of string knot it at the bottom and simply pick up where you left off!