Tell us your story, and how you came to love your beautiful home in Peru.

I spent a summer here and fell in love with the local community and the environment. The natural elements; fire, wind, water, air, ether, are taken to another level here. It creates the perfect foundation for magic to sprout. I spent a lot of time with the local kids through WAVES for Development, surfing and swimming. I particularly connected with Karen, the only girl who seemed to face the waves without any kind of cultural transmitted intimidation for her gender. We kept in touch thanks so social media over the years and in May 2014, I returned to Lobitos for an audiovisual workshop making short films with the local community. There I met my partner, Nicolás, a bodyboarder and cameraman from Lima, Peru who introduced me to the idea of using media and

Tell us about Coast to Coast.

Our project Coast 2 Coast is based in Lobitos, Peru. We are a youth-driven movement from coast to coast for happy, healthy ancestral fishing communities through positive communication.

What do I mean by positive communication? It is a process of empowerment and knowledge sharing that starts from the inside out. Through partnerships with the Lobitos Cinema Project and WAVES for Development, we use surfing as a tool to strengthen local youth’s inner voice and self-awareness while we use audiovisual tools such as photography, stop-motion animation, and film as mediums for youth to cultivate their creativity, explore their environments, and share their voice with the outside world.

Why is this important? Vibrant coastal communities indicate a thriving ocean. Without healthy seas, our planet cannot support life. Today, seaside villages are collapsing under unprecedented global and local stressors. Our goal is to address the ocean health by humanizing the issue, enabling neglected voices to join the conversation and speak up for their human rights, cultural heritage, and indispensable relationship with the sea and marine biodiversity that makes life on Earth possible.

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