• Courtney Conlogue travels to South Africa

Living with a board bag and suitcase traveling the world as a professional athlete has its perks, but Courtney Conlogue often finds herself daydreaming of life beyond the beach. Just look at Courtney’s Instagram for evidence of her lust for life not solely bound to the beach. While Courtney’s not in the water, she’s always off exploring the unknown…Watch the video above of Courtney’s epic escape to South Africa where she finds both culture and some salt.

Traveling has always been a huge aspect of my life. Already many of my years consist of competing on the world tour and spending a lot of the time on the road living with my board bag and suitcase.

I’m not complaining, however the more I travel around the world for the sole purpose of competition the more I want to venture off beyond the ocean to areas that I haven’t had a chance to explore.

I want to see the land and meet the people. I want to experience the culture of the area. South Africa has always been a destination that I deeply needed to explore.

As a grom I would watch videos of Tom Curren roller-coasteering through Jeffreys Bay endless wall, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets with mountainous silhouettes, or the chance to be just a few feet away from an elephant, lion or a rhino. I wanted to see this for myself.

We started our venture in Cape Town, South Africa and worked our way up the coast stopping in Victoria Bay and ending at the notorious Jeffreys Bay.

Throughout our trip we watch the sun set at the top of Signal Hill overlooking Cape Town, saw penguins at Boulders Beach, received Slurpee headaches from the cold water in Cape town, jumped off the highest commercial bridge, had a rhino tap our Defender as we drove through the park, had a proper Braai and surfed J Bay.

As our trip was coming to a close I realized there was so much more that I hadn’t seen in South Africa and this was the beginning of a long relationship.