• Creative Destruction... a life unlike yours

Creative Destruction … a life unlike yours, a project directed and produced by Jake Donlen and Australian freesurfer Wade Goodall and presented by Billabong, is a unique collaboration between the filmmakers and you.

Each chapter will be filmed and edited and will premiere around a month later on the Creative Destruction website, at which time you will again vote on the next chapter. We’re prepared to hit the road, the air and the water to get us to the next shoot and it’s up to the audience to tell us the where’s, when’s, what’s, how’s and who’s. We’ll give you two choices each time and both of those choices will have vastly different
outcomes and reflect the contrasts of the film’s title.

Check out the launch episode with Goodall and his good friend Sterling Spencer head to Costa Rica to surf and hang out with Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett and bass guitarist Robert Trujillo.

Check out the site and choose Wade's next adventure at www.creativedestruction.tv/