There is a house somewhere in Biarritz, hidden from the people walking their dogs and the cars whizzing by, that is a decor heaven. Beach house paradise! With bright white walls, clean lines, curved angles, cactus in abundance, and a waxed concrete and cement tiles floor; this mediterranean-inspired house was the perfect spot to shoot some of our key pieces from the new Fall collection.The first thing we noticed was the close attention to detail… the light… the play of textures and pastel colours… the eclectic mix of modern and vintage finds… We found ourselves in a beautiful, inspiring, bohemian sanctuary.

Constance, the owner of the house is passionate with second-hand goods. You can be sure that you’ll find her discovering some amazing vintage treasures in the local flea markets. She has a preference for natural materials that gain patina over time.

Here is some deco inspiration we’ve stolen from Constance and noted down for you to use. “Hang what you love everywhere : some plants, a swing seat, a nice empty bottle rolled up and suspended by a rope (that can also be used as a single-flower vase), a hammock… Some wooden furniture made of pallets.Combine odd cushions and let them patine together under the sun light. Paint earthenware jars and home furniture in white like the walls to bring the sun light out.

Add plenty of pastel colours inside the house to contrast with the whiteness of the outside.

Use shells to give that extra seaside spirit. Wicker baskets here and there to store anything and everything plus nice delicate plants to soften the room. Finally, the ultimate touch for the perfect Ibiza style : a small disco ball that reflects rays of the sun !

Step inside this beautiful beach house and discover home decor inspiration from the set of our latest shoot.

Photos & Text by Sandrine,