• Mini weaves for your Christmas tree DIY

Mini weaves for your Christmas tree DIY

It's the most wonderful time of the year !

We teamed up with the talented Julie Robert to make beautiful Christmas decorations to put on your tree. Follow her step by step and make your own mini weaves !


A piece of cardboard (the size here is 10x20cm) and quite thick (say a cm)

A pen



Gold lurex

Satin or silk ribbon

A needle and eye big enough for the wool (here I use a weaving needle)

Cotton, thin but very strong for the chain (vertical thread), similar to the beaded cotton from dmc

A mini "fluffy ball machine" (the smallest you can find)

Two toothpicks

Small pine branches


"Every 0.5cm, make a mark on the cardboard side with the pen. Then do the same on the other side, make sure it is parallel. Cut every mark by 0.5cm (see picture).

Put a 5cm long thread in the first crack and go up and down from one crack to another. End it when you hit the width you want and let a 5cm thread dangle on the same row as the 1st thread, then tie them both together.

IMPORTANT: Start the weaving at the opposite side of the knot (so you can insert the rod at the top without cutting).


If the cardboard is warping (because you pulled the threads too much), tape the top and the bottom with masking tape (so you don’t damage the cardboard)

Weaving is pretty simple! Take one metre of wool and with the needle go on and under, keep doing the same movement (see picture).

If you switch wool or you want to use ribbon it is the same thing. If you finish your last row under then you start again under with you new material (then you continue by going on and under).

For finishing touches, cut the threads very close and make double knots, not too tight so it stays straight.

Don’t cut the threads too soon, tidy them in the back, as for a canvas (see picture). Cut the excess threads.

Gently pull out the top of your weave and pass a pine branch or a toothpick (don’t forget to cut the ends).

Your first weave is done!

I’ve made three on the same basis and two different ones.

For the fluffy ball, I previously sewed a small pine branch to it then I sewed the whole on the low part of the weave.

For the fringes on the side, I just let hang loose some wool that I cut and stripped to make it fluffier.

To hang them up I chose to use cotton thread, but you can use ribbon for example.

Now just put them in your Christmas tree and you’re done!"

Take a look a Julie's blog for more weaves and inspiration : www.julie-robert.fr

Follow Julie on Instagram : @julie_weaves

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