• DIY Panama Hat

DIY Panama Hat

Floral hat DIY

Straw hats, we can't be without them during summer. As you barely wear nothing much more than a bikini and a hat at the beach we though it would be fun to make a hat that embraces the ‘flower crown’ trend. It will definitively be the crowing glory of your beach outfit.

We used a mix of fake flowers and fresh leaves so it creates a nice balance and your hat doesn’t look too cheap. However feel free to use fresh flowers for a shorter lasting hat that has a bigger wow factor. You can also sew flowers and leaves in a small bunch on one side of the hat or use only flowers or leaves, options are endless and process quite easy. Just make sure to have fun!

You need:

Straw hat

Fake flowers (we bought 2 floral headbands and cut the flowers from them)

Fresh leaves

Needle and thread

Pins (optionnal)

  • Arrange the flowers along the hat until you find the placement that pleased you. Make sure to use flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors for a better result.
  • Once you are happy with the result you can pin the flowers so they won’t move during the sewing process.
  • Start sewing the flowers making sure to tighten them well against the hat so they won’t move. Sew the flowers one at time.
  • Once you’re done, arrange the fresh leaves among the flowers and sew them.
  • And voilà!